If you would like schedule an appointment for a COVID-19 vaccine through Marion Public Health please call 740-387-6520.

Other COVID19 vaccine providers may have vaccines available.   Visit Get the Shot Ohio to find locations throughout Ohio or register through one of these community resources:

visit Walmart.com  or call 740-389-4573

visit Kroger.com or call 866-211-5320 

visit Meijer.com or call 740-389-5402

visit OhioHealth or call 614-533-6999

COVID Vaccine Myths and Facts 

Curious about COVID-19 vaccines, their safety, and efficacy? Educate yourself by reading what is a myth, and what is a fact, about COVID-19 vaccines.

Download PDF

Preparing for COVID Vaccination

These resources below, created by the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities, can help people prepare for their vaccination.

CDC Resources

Information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website to help educate patients on the COVID-19 vaccine, its benefits, vaccine safety, who gets vaccinated first, and other information important to patients.